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Hi, I’m Brian.

9 years ago, I was a low-paid researcher, working long hours in academia. I had a wife, 2 kids, and a mortgage, and I felt like I would never get ahead. To make matters worse, I got laid off due to budget cuts. 

After some soul-searching, I took stock of my skills and values, pivoted, and within 6 months, I had tripled my income as a freelance writer. Now, I own my own small but highly profitable communications agency. I am in the best shape of my life and have plenty of free time to spend with family and friends. 

Join me as I build a community that leverages the internet and the evolving work landscape to create highly paid niche forms of entrepreneurship. Discover a lifestyle that enjoys the benefits of high income, location independence, and time freedom. It’s not just possible, it’s a necessity in an economy increasingly filled with sharp swings and uncertainty.

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